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2013-2014 Holiday Fundraising Drive

Events, Misc, News // 09. Jan, 2014

Each year AIF NYYP supports a noble cause by dedicating the whole year to raise money for it. In 2011-2012, we raised over $70,000 for children afflicted with AIDS and in 2012-2013 we raised over $140,000 for MANSI, focused on maternal and newborn health practices in remote villages. While the holidays have passed in date, [...]

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Our 2013-2014 Initiative: Rickshaw Sangh

Misc, News // 18. Nov, 2013

Hi Everyone! It’s with great pleasure to announce our initiative for the upcoming fundraising year! Rickshaw Sangh was chosen because of its sustainability of self-reliance and entrepreneurship. Rickshaw Sangh - There are over 8 million cycle rickshaw drivers in urban areas across India.  Being a low barrier-­‐to-­‐entry job,  most  rickshaw  drivers  are  recent  migrants  who  left  [...]

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